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So, what’s going on with Sarcastic Gamer in 2013?


This is an evolving process. The site as you see it now is bare bones. Will it get fleshed out any further? Probably, but realistically, Sarcastic Gamer will provide (mostly) regular podcasting from myself and Doc, with occasional editorial and video content. We’re not really interested in anything more than that, as we both have day jobs and real lives to contend with.

What I do hope is that people get into the new show and enjoy it for what it is:  two buddies chatting about the world and video games. We’re going to make it as good as we can make it every week and I hope you all come back to listen. So, Happy New Year and see you in 2013!


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Show 001 – Blankety Blank Blank Blank



We’re rusty, musty and lord knows that Lono is busty. This is the Sarcastic Gamer Podcast 001. Welcome, or welcome back.

Either way, this is the beginning.

In the future we will write actual descriptions.  For now, here’s the inaugural show.


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Holy ******** Sh*t, Sarcastic Gamer is ALIVE!!!!!



Also, test.



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