Show 003 – Apple gremlins ate half our show


So you’ve got to trust us on this one, this episode was hysterical.  So funny.  The one part where Doc and Lono broke down the reasons that Return of the Jedi wasn’t very good… purely classic… but alas, the best part of the show got gobbled up by a gremlin in Doc’s garageband never to be seen again.  This is what’s left of Show 003, where we discussed:

Technically, it ate about 7 minutes of the show…

1. Doc’s in Vegas. why?
2. white castle gluttony and shame.
5. Skylanders is my new, ahem, expensive addiction.
6.  Girl gamers?
7. Martini time
8. New GTA!!!! What do we want in new gta?



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  • Stewart Probert

    Been listening since show 3 of the “old” show and it’s great to have you guys back. Like you never left.

    • Doc Adams

      Thank you Stewart!

  • gabriel

    I’ve been ranting about the whole BS gamer girl thing for a while. I’m so glad so see someone shares my opinion. I hate seeing big gaming sites like IGN acting like they’re so pro women and acting all indignant whenever a female character in a game has big tits and a small waist but then you look at their staff and see the men are fat nerds and the women look like wannabe models that didnt quite make the cut. what does an IGN interview look like for women 1. lick this psp and 2 put on this slutty cat woman costume? It does bother me to see that at least on the video/editorial side of gaming looks seem to matter more than actual gaming knowledge. or maybe i’m wrong and there are no fat unattractive nerdgirls(yeah right)

    • Doc Adams

      Amen to that. I’d love to see real people doing real things.

    • Walter Prudnikow

      I’m assuming you are referring to the people that conduct interviews. These people have to look presentable on camera. I don’t care how knowledgeable a person is about their job, if you are ugly you have less of a chance. This is a sad fact. Women are still a minority in gaming, but that is changing fast.
      I hate unrealistic female characters.