Show 004 – Manti’s Girlfriend is a Far Cry from CES


Here it is, an extra sized show packed with bizarre stories, CES gadgets and one outstanding game from 2012. Enjoy, it’s Episode 4.

1. Manti T’eo  madness: Dead spin link
2. CES
3. subscriptions – NEW – Diamond member’s 38 seconds of uninterrupted praise from Lono
4. Far cry 3
5. Martini Time   – Looper spoilers?



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  • Lono

    its a neat feature. I’d love to have it on most of my electronics.

  • Grubmeyer

    I know it’s late, but after I listened to the Looper spoilers, I couldn’t decide if I had watched a different movie than Lono! Seriously considered rewatching it to figure out WTF Lono was talking about!

    Thanks for the show!