Show 005 – Apple wishes and Star Wars’ Helmets


We’re back for Episode 5 of the Sarcastic Gamer Podcast, the Red Show. This week, Doc comes to terms with Lono’s Looper prank and we go completely off the rails on Star Wars. Plus some fantastic news for some friends of the show, Apple loses big and Lono loves Far Cry 3. All this plus 38 seconds of praise and more, on this week’s Red Show.

1. Looper LOL

2. Star Wars Hijinks <– We apologize in advance for letting this go on so long, but we sure enjoyed it.

3. Extra Lifer gets a gift today see it HERE

4. Far Cry 3 is pure joy.

5. Apple falls off the tree – Reuters link.



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  • Grand Old Podcast

    The thing about Looper is its basically the original Terminator in reverse

    • Doc Adams

      Except when Lono throws in Back to the Future… In his version there’s a flying car.

    • ZaberTooth

      I wanted to see this, but my psychiatrist warned me against watchin’ ‘Smart Movies’… so i gotta wait for Iron Man 3

  • Tom Stockman

    Not going to lie. SERIOUSLY tempted to upgrade to Diamond Subscription for an uninterrupted Lono rant..

    • Lono

      Do EEET!

    • Doc Adams

      Stockman you Rockman

  • ZaberTooth

    Got 2 questions for you guys : 1st, will you be putting up a forums page soon? 2nd (& more important) , will Doc EVAR sing again? i sure miss his yocal vocals? ^_^

    • Lono

      No forums at this time. sorry.

    • Doc Adams

      What Lono said (for now) and I just might…