Show 006 – Chicago Pub Crawl


In this show Lono and I walked the mean streets of Chicago and visited several establishments of varying repute while talking about…

  • JJ Abrams IS going to direct Star Wars now
  • Kinect Party and mishaps
  • Dead Space 3
  • Tiny Wings
  • Beer and Jack


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  • Brandon

    hey,great episode guys always a good laugh.

    • Doc Adams

      Thank you Brandon

  • djdsf

    Sorry I’m kinda late to the party but welcome back guys. I just heard the show was back on, yes, shame on me. loving the live on location theme to the podcast.

    About smartglass, I’m running it on my S3 and it’s super fast, granted that it takes like 5-10 seconds to boot the app and about 3-5 after that to connected to my gamertag, but it’s technically fast. Now, I didn’t download SGlass from the play store, I got the .APK file from XDA devs so maybe that might have something to do with it. all in all, good show and welcome back.

    • lono

      my smartglass takes forever…

      • djdsf

        It could be your router. I just changed to the new asus router i bought and the thing connected in 1 shot, boot and connection in 10 secs flat

        • Doc Adams

          Don’t get lono talking about his internet speed. He is both defensive and comepletely unknowledgable on that regard.

          • Lono

            that sentence is unknowledgable… LOL

    • Doc Adams

      Just timed mine. 8 seconds from tap to connection.

      • djdsf

        Heard on I think show 4 you where looking to change your iPhone maybe? There is no way to transfer apps, but google Music let’s you bring 20,000 songs and store them on the cloud so you can stream them or download them to your phone. just download the google music program to your machine, let it run and then it will be set up with your gmail which is connected to your phone.

        Now apps? There’s no way to transfer those, but I do know that some of the apps that you pay for in iOS are free in Android.

        • Doc Adams

          I was but then i pulled the trigger and stayed iOs for this generation. maybe next time around I will change… or when Lesley’s contract is up I can make her get a droid and then take it from her and make her use the iphone. muahahaha.

          • djdsf

            Lol, well you are in a good time as of now. The Galaxy S4 is coming out in like 2 or 3 months and it’s going to apparently have an octo- core processor

          • Doc Adams


      • djdsf
  • nr1012

    Good to hear you fellas again. Hope I can find this podcast on the Zune Marketplace.

    • Doc Adams

      Good point. Not sure how we submitted the first set of podcasts to that. no clue. I will try and find out.

      • djdsf

        I think you can still do it through the zune software if you still have it, but ever since Zune became Xbox Music, there has been no way to submit podcasts. Microsoft pretty much killed them.

  • Travis Shaw

    I’m definitely enjoying having you guys back.

  • ZaberTooth

    A fun episode indeed; I like this new format. Boy, that Gold Suscription is looking good now!

    BTW, YES Lono, I agree that JJ Abrams should NOT direct Star Wars (tho its outta our hands now) He has TOO much power

    • ZaberTooth

      And you missed a good chance to show Doc some of the other *ahem* establishments

      • Doc Adams

        Tap tap tappity tap tap, jazz hands. Jazz hands… Tap tappity tsp tap (big finish big finish) tap tappity tsp tAp tap tap!
        How was that boss?

        • ZaberTooth

          Lmao! You still got it, Doc :)

  • Jordan “Ploogle” Carroll

    So glad to see the show return! Even though @sarcasticgamer has still mysteriously blocked me on Twitter. Shame we’ll never get the old days back, but I’m really happy with the return so far!

  • Dan

    I don’t wanna be the one to say this but… Any chance on an SG and BRB merger?