Show 008 – Lono won’t ride the Playstation 4 HYPE TRAIN!


Doc and Lono are back this week, hours after the Sony presser that unveiled, well, kind of unveilled the next generation in Sony gaming.


  • PlayStation 4 Extravaganza!!
  • Google Glass
  • Aliens: Colonial Marines debacle

All this and #YouMightBeOnAPlaystation on this week’s Sarcastic Gamer Podcast!


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  • ZaberTooth

    If you greet your boss in the morning with a ” Herro “, you just might own a Playstation :) *Good job, guys -im upping to Gold now *

  • Lono

    Doc is not happy that I didn’t like the presser. Was I too negative?

    • Doc Adams

      I already told you you were. :)

    • djdsf

      Not 1 bit, I completely side with you. If you put a console in front of everyone and run it FROM that console to the screen, then maybe I’ll believe you. Also that whole “We built it like a PC” The Original Xbox was like that ever since it released. That’s just playing catch-up. Sorry, but I’m not drinking the Kool-Aid.

      PS For Doc:

  • Graham Finch

    Holy cow! SG is back?!?

    Hey, since you guys are back from the grave, do you think you can maybe do something about that YouTube channel of yours? You haven’t touched it in a year.