Show 013 – Always On BioCraft Infinite

minecraft Ep13

The guys are back this week with all kinds of gaming talk. Edited by Lono, so God help us all…


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  • Dan A

    I agree with Lono, bio shocks ending was terrible. But to be fair I think the entire game was :-)

    • Lono

      I really liked the game. I even liked the combat. Just didn’t care for the ending.

      • Marty

        I for one really liked the ending and the game overall. I’m not saying what Lono said is wrong, I guess you can see it like that. But Bioshock Infinite for me was a game which really made me think about what I had just played and not just consume. Also I do agree that leaving a story open for interpretation seems like the storywriters did a bad job but only if there’s too much room for interpretation and Bioshock Infinite actually doesn’t leave THAT much room for interpretation. If you listen carefully to the voxophones and pay attention to the dialogue between the characters, there remain only a few valid theories which you can agree with or not. Still, I wish there would have been even more explanation in the actual game so I would not have needed to read through various forums and message boards to put the pieces together and also what I didn’t like about the ending is how the pace picked up all of a sudden in the last 10 minutes to conclude the game. But overall, I think it’s a great game, yet somewhat overrated.

        btw, great show, nice having you back, greetings from Germany :-)

  • CrashCrazy

    Adam Orth is no longer at Microsoft as a result of those tweets lawl.

    • Lono

      they say he quit…