Show 001 – Blankety Blank Blank Blank



We’re rusty, musty and lord knows that Lono is busty. This is the Sarcastic Gamer Podcast 001. Welcome, or welcome back.

Either way, this is the beginning.

In the future we will write actual descriptions.  For now, here’s the inaugural show.


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  • Joey Z

    What once was dead is now alive? Zombie Podcast?? NO Jesus Podcast! Welcome back fellas

  • Neonskull

    So good to hear sg again.

  • Daniel Napier

    Wow! Finally…. I missed this show! It was good to hear you both. I completely agree about the whole boycott shooters idea, it would have sent a mixed message. Sending prayers, heart felt thoughts, money, anything to help out those poor families is better than a one day boycott.

  • TardyMoments

    I check back here now and again and am very glad that you are still alive! Looking foreward to hearing more from you now! :D Welcome Back!

  • DarkDraken

    Been here since episode 3 of the old show. Glad everything is back. Looking forward to new beginnings.

  • Bonino

    Great show!

    Awesome to hear from you guys again!