Show RRR – Respawn Radio Retrospective for former co-host, Knuckles Dawson


This week, Doc takes a break and my old Respawn Radio pal, 8BitBass, joins me for one last Respawn Radio to honor our former co-host, David “Knuckles Dawson” Dreger.   Join us as we discuss:

  • E3
  • Dark Souls
  • Soul Sacrifice for Vita
  • Hotline Miami for PSN
  • Fond memories of our fallen comrade

Thanks for listening and Doc will be back next week for our big Last of Us spoiler filled show!


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  • Shaggy

    Fantastic episode!

    May David’s soul rest in peace

  • rabrandom

    I’m not a core member of the gaming community. I love gaming but can’t really afford to buy many games. I really love hearing people talk about gaming and the SG guys are just the best. As a result of not being an active figure, I’d never heard of Knuckles. I just want you all to know that I still had a tear in my eye because you guys gave him an amazing obituary. You’re all so honest. Between the previous episode and this one, you made me wish I knew him. This is why SG has always been my only gaming podcast. You guys are so prodfesional at what you do. And yet you’re so honest, so real, so raw. As someone who has had suicidal thoughts in the past, I can tell you that it isn’t an easy choice to make. Despite the feeling that I felt I had no one, I held on because the risk of hurting others was too great. But that doesn’t mean that Knuckles wasn’t as strong as me or that you should feel bad for being angry. It just means that, whatever he was going through, he, personally, lacked the resources to pull threw it. That also means he lacked the resource to pick up the phone and talk to you guys. You shouldn’t feel like you failed him or that he failed you. For some reason, he just felt like he couldn’t pick up the phone. Knuckles didn’t choose to lack these resources but he was just born without the resources to deal with whatever he was going through. If someone doesn’t have enough dollars to eat, they die of starvation. There’s only so much money and so much food in the world. ‘Hope’ is a currency. Everyone is born with a different amount of hope and, along the way, you lose some, you gain some. In last last moments, Knuckles was absolutely flat broke. He was all out of hope and it was no ones fault.

    I am not affiliated with the link below but I do encourage you to read it and, if you feel it helpful to, plug it in a future show. This web page helped me through some tough times. It’s written as a message to the suicidal person but it helped me understand what a suicidal friend was going through.

    • rabrandom

      Sorry for some of this not making sense. I’m actually a pretty good writer but I wrote it on my iPhone and I think it’s impossible to edit it on iPhone. I’m sure you guys know what I’m trying to say.

      • Lono

        no worries. thank you for sharing.

    • Lono

      goddamn thats a great comment. thank you so much for writing that.

      • rabrandom

        I’m just grateful that I had the opportunity to share something meaningful with you guys after all the hours of fun and laughter you’ve brought me. No matter what happens, never forget that there are people out there who really appreciate what you do. If you can only hold on to one thought in your darkest times, hold on to that. I’m gonna stand and be counted on this- I appreciate what you both do. In times like these, all we can do is huddle up and look after those who are still here.

        • Lono

          wow thanks!

  • TheRealTimewarp

    Such a shame. Knuckles was a great guy