Show 024 – Dating OLDer women


This week you finally get to hear Lono singing his heart out at Live Band Karaoke, after 3 months of Doc forgetting.  Also got a little bit of game talk in about Robotoki’s new Breach and Clear, plus Deadpool, The Lone Ranger, dating older women, and even some NSA/Snowden talk.  Feel free to comment on this huge random bucket of topics, plus listen as we manage to work in the names of every single currently active Sarcastic Supporter!

If you’re not a supporter, please please please become one today.  We’re up against the wall right now and could use all the support we can get!  Thank you.


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  • Jordan “Ploogle” Carroll

    The “top 5″ section left me without breath while driving. I always knew Lono would be the death of me.

    But seriously, excellent episode. I’d actually like to see more “top X” lists. Lord knows it’s the reason is so hilarious.

    • Doc Adams

      Agreed. I’ll put Lono on the spot more often.

  • Lono

    Thank god no one is clamoring for an all Orange is the new black episode.

  • Disney Ganbaatar

    Hey guys I’m throwing my vote in for a segment of some future show to be about Orange is the Black, just a segment

    • doc

      THANK YOU!