Help Fund the 2014 Sarcastic Gamer Season


We’ve launched our official funding push for the 2014 Podcast season.  There’s a lot of new stuff coming next year, and we need the community to pull together to help us reach our goal.

Incentives include:

  • Random autographed crap from our homes
  • Public Recognition
  • Spot on the show
  • Your OWN minute of uninterrupted airtime… EVERY SHOW
  • Vintage SG stuff

To get involved in helping us bring Sarcastic Gamer back to wear it belongs with parody videos and more, consider supporting this IndieGoGo campaign today.  Let’s make 2014 the most awesomest year ever for the old Red and Black!

Thanks all,


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  • Iancranium

    It’s a shame it may not reach it’s $5000 limit, however it’s for a good cause, especially if Doc starts making Parody videos again. I also actually like the idea of a 2014 “season” I think this is a good model, and it should be a proper season with a season opener and a season finale. This is not something usually done in audio or podcasts but it makes sense. Having a defined season allows you to plan a specific number of episodes and allows the show count to start again from 1 without getting to high. I think 20 episodes per season is reasonable and if it is consistent people won’t even mind waiting with a break for the next season to start!