SG Community Game Night TONIGHT! GTA V


Hey gang it’s Doc!  I’d like to invite you to play some GTA V tonight starting around 9:30pm central time on Xbox Live.  My gamertag is RaynMaykr and we’ll be doing it all from races to missions to just running around town.  RSVP to so that I can be sure to look for you.  Need to know your gamertag as well.

See you on the mean streets of San Andreas TONIGHT!

We SHOULD be able to accommodate up to 8 people.


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  • NeonSkull

    Had this been for ps3 I would have joined.

  • Jax

    Can I play on my PS3? :p

  • Shaggy

    I wouldnt mine joining in if this is still on, My gamertag is Shaggy158

  • Iancranium

    Dang. I’ll add you tomorrow Doc and hopefully play some. What time is this Eastern Standard time?
    You need to play wave mode on the bonyard level. You can make 20K easy with one easy trick

  • Shaggy

    im pretty sure central is minus one hour from eastern

    • Doc Adams


      Jeromy Adams