Show 034 – You should have linked, Brian


Without a doubt, Brian should have sent a link.  But he didn’t.  Now everything is ruined.  Our talk about Call of Duty: Ghosts.  Ruined.  Our insider discussion of the DDoS attacks on Extra Life?  Ruined.  Lono’s exhaustive explanation of taxes and the control scheme of the new Batman?  Yep, Brian’s selfish ass forgot to link and ruined it all.  Seriously eff that guy.

We need 6 new Sarcastic Supporters this week! Will you please be “that guy”?

Download show 34 HERE!

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  • Iancranium

    The download link doesn’t work either for respawn…..derp

    • Doc Adams


      • Iancranium

        Cheers. I think the RSS feed is still showing the wrong link. To be honest I don’t fully get it, cos Extra life and the site is going so well. Why isn’t this show sponsored by Extralife or even paid for by Extralife. It’s a bit hard to ask for 6 more sponsors in the space of this one show when the show isn’t even linked properly. Where IS the Extralife podcast; imagine if Lono podcasted for 25hrs straight o.0, I just think the two are mutually supportive and for all the other days of the year that are not Extralife the SG podcast would front that and support it.I dunno, it just seems ironic you can raise 4 million with Extralife but you can’t pay for your own website. Maybe if there was a closer association between SG and Extralife people would be inclined to give. Like Extra Life sponsorship and advertising.

  • rabrandom

    Hey guys. Have you thought about making your podcast available as a .torrent? Of course, you would still host the file on your servers, too, but there would be a significant chunk of people who would torrent it as they care about the podcast and know that it would save you a bit of money. You could just do it until the debts are paid off.

    • Iancranium

      Or use Podbean etc