Show 002 – Chocolate Beer and Weed


Episode 002:

Okay, we’re starting to remember how to do this.  This week’s show runs a half hour-ish.  Here are the notes that we used in preparation for the show.  It didn’t go EXACTLY in this order but whatevs.

I want to cap off the os cease fire talk, because the organizer was on Piers morgan and did a great job.

Doc goes to Colorado…

Conn residents get cash for violent video games:

What the HELL is Smart Glass really good for?

Played Angry Birds Space on the plane and realized I spent the whole flight trying to get three stars on one level.

Real Question: have you played angry birds star wars?
Oh and the kid that got porno on the ds for xmas.

Took My kids skiing for the first and maybe last time
Duh-Jango Unchained

Lono’s “cock” tail.

Here’s the Youtube video that I was talking about with the Django thing.  Caution…. it’s VERY uncomfortable to watch and is TOTALLY NSFW unless you’re wearing headphones.

Thanks to whoever stops by to listen to this.  Pardon the dust.  We have a long long way to go.


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  • Vaskaduzea

    lol, i missed you guys. anyway, do more parodies because there is tons of material with these new games. great podcast

  • Tom Stockman

    Really missed this show. The other night I was going back to listen to the Mass Effect Special only to find that the forum and all the podcast links were gone! Is there any chance of those links going back up? They all made great listening for my 5 mile walks :)