S7-E1: My how things have changed


This show was generously made possible by Ian Crane!

Welcome to a new year, and a new season of the Sarcastic Gamer Podcast.  It’s not just our numbering system that’s changed, we’ve also changed our underpants!  This week we explain Doc’s mysterious disappearance, discuss everything from Assassin’s Creed to Dennis Rodman, and manage to slip a few predictions for the coming year as well.

Our crowd-funding efforts fell very short for this season, and to make up the difference we are in desperate need of awesome people like Jordan Carroll to step up as a voluntary Sarcastic Supporter! Will you please be “that guy”?

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  • Iancranium

    Oh I feel bad now for being impatient, after hearing my shout out! ; )

    • Lono

      impatience is fine. Indifference is what I’d be worried about!

      • Iancranium

        Well I have high functioning asbergers, sir so you probably will get that

  • Reikozu

    I feel like im never getting the prize i won its been like 6 months xD