S7 – Ep. 2 – Shirtless Vladimir Putin’s Candy Crush


We’re back, late, yes we know, but we hope this offering of high comedy and intense verbal foreplay will get you into our good graces again! Enjoy our latest discussions on Candy Crush’s trademarking, giant Dead Rising patches and insidious Xbox One advertising.


Our crowd-funding efforts fell very short for this season, and to make up the difference we are in desperate need of awesome people like Jordan Carroll to step up as a voluntary Sarcastic Supporter! Will you please be “that guy”?

Grab the show here!


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  • Iancranium

    FYI, there is no such thing as a Koala bear.
    Koalas are NOT bears, they are however Marsupials with a pouch and are completley herbervorous. The only thing they eat are eucalyptas gum leaves

  • rabrandom

    Of all the animals you could’ve chosen for picking up chicks, you picked the one which is well known for frequently carrying chlamydia.
    But hey, if you’re gonna play the field, I suppose it’s good to have a animal to blame for any accidents…
    Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-22207442

  • Graham Finch

    Do you keep these podcasts on private for several weeks? I just started seeing the latest three episodes as of yesterday.