S7 E11 – Tweet Destruction



Doc and Lono are back in rare form as they discuss game like Strike Suit Infinity Zero Director’s Cut for PS4, Donald Sterling flubs by former Community Managers, and discuss the new Call of Duty Advanced Warfare!

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  • Dave Ernst

    That was a bad call suggesting the PS4 versus a gaming PC. Sure a gaming PC costs more initially, but it does have cheaper, better looking games with free multiplayer and online services. Cut yourself from the corporate ties of console gaming and get a PC. A console is a nice companion to a PC, but should not be your weapon of choice!

  • Lono

    well, as a PC and PS4 gamer, I’m having way more fun on PS4… Plus its way cheaper in the long run, even with F2P games.

  • Walter Prudnikow

    You can’t buy a gaming PC for the price of a console. Console have a longer life cycle than a PC, therefor consoles are a better investment. I would love to have both, but I must make a choice for financial reasons.