S7 E12 – Respawn Radio Dark Souls 2 Chat Continues


Doc is away this week. Sitting in is the irrepressable 8BitBass, the godfather of 30 second chip tune intro songs! We talk about his Glomtom and of course we discuss Dark Souls 2!

This time, we focus heavily on adaptability, covenants, PVP and Dark Souls 2 regrets.

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  • Walter Prudnikow

    would you recommend Dark Souls 2 on PC or console?

    • Justin Gilbert

      Well if you have a decent PC they seem to work a bit better. They’re smoother and the load times are puny. As in the item description load screens go away before you can finish reading them. One downside though is that because of a huge increase in FPS weapon durability lowers a lot faster in the PC port.

  • Clif Chambliss

    Well I may be biased, but I’m gonna say console.