S7 E13 – VIDEO SHOW – Ian Crane’s Tribute Episode!

This week, a very special episode of the Sarcastic Gamer Podcast as not only are we joined by Diamond Extra Life Supporter, Ian Crane, but we are also experimenting with doing the show in a new way (Hangout-Style).  This week’s audio version needs a little love but we’ll be improving the production quality as we get better at this.  For now, enjoy the show as we discuss (SPOILER ALERT:) Game of Thrones Season 1, Warframe, Hearthstone, Stick of Truth and Wolfenstein.

Get the show HERE

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  • Iancranium

    Oh you guys. I def forgot to mute the mic while the other guys were talking, otherwise it makes hangout jump around too much as well.
    What sort of mic was Lono using because it was a lot clearer than mine and the video!
    Too much fun for 5am…

  • Lukas Heinzel

    My favourite Character is definetly Arya and the best death scene is the “Crowning” of the “Dragon”. Also Xbox One.

  • Walter Prudnikow

    Hearthstone seems to be simpler than Magic the Gathering. MTG uses phases to play certain cards and on your turn you assign attackers by “tapping” them. The other player then has priority to assign blockers. Creatures can only do combat damage if there is no opposing creatures to block for the other player. Hearthstone feels like a faster game by giving you the option to target a player with creatures.
    Hearthstone is simpler for a good reason. It would be very difficult to program all of MTG card abilities into a PC game. Hearthstone works well for PC because of its ease of use and fun game play.
    If you are interested in playing MTG I would suggest making friends at a local card shop. I find the MTG community to be welcoming to noobs.

  • Walter Prudnikow

    krogsmash on battle.net