S7 E14: The Low-Fi E3 Beta Special

We are still trying to get the video thing dialed in, as is obvious here, but rather than trash 40 minutes about E3, a couple of Betas, War Thunder etc, we’ve decided to release this puppy into the wild and let you laugh with… er… at us.  Thanks for being a listener… er… viewer… Thanks for being whatever it is you are!

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  • Iancranium

    Video is working but I downloaded the audio only podcast and it’s only 18 MB it stops just after 20 mins seems to be missing half…

  • Graham Finch

    Since the MP3 was corrupted and deleted, I ripped the YouTube video and made it into an audio file.

  • Graham Finch

    So are you gonna replace the MP3 or…?

  • Graham Finch