Holy ******** Sh*t, Sarcastic Gamer is ALIVE!!!!!



Also, test.



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  • Kiko

    Woohooo! Great late Xmas present. Can’t wait for the show.

  • Packnight501

    YES PLEASE!!! Best podcast on the net!!!

  • http://twitter.com/jordanrodkey JordanRodkey

    So how long before you tell wordpress you don’t need them and you can do it better yourself?

  • Lono

    Lol… You can’t talk to a program. But you knew that already… I hope?

  • http://www.geekti.me Ploogle

    Well daaaaaang!

  • Prok

    I am interested in this service and/or product.

  • Levi95psn

    Oh snappity-snap son! Hopefully the site picks up, although it wil never be the same home :c

  • Neonskull

    About time,really

  • http://www.caricoestudio.com Armando

    Tear in my eye

  • mizzourahslim

    Very good news, I’m looking forward to renewed sarcasm.

  • LatinLegacy

    Well this is quite the surprise…..

    • http://sarcasticgamer.com Doc Adams

      Cue Gomer Pyle impersonation