Become a Sarcastic Supporter

Ads are annoying, and they’re everywhere these days.  We’re with you.  Rather than plaster this sucker with adsense code to the point that it looks like a NASCAR, we’re offering our listeners the opportunity to voluntarily support this show and site directly with a monthly subscription, which you can cancel at any time.


We feel this makes us work even harder to do a good job for you, and it gives you a very clear way to tell us how we’re doing and what the show means to you.

What do I get for subscribing?

Our eternal gratitude.  And a shout-out on the show.  By becoming our supporter YOU become the sponsor of the show, and we’re going to make sure everyone knows how awesome you are.

Okay what do I do?

Just select your desired level of commitment and subscribe via PayPal and click the subscribe button.  We are quite grateful for every bit of support we receive and have some fun stuff in mind to prove it to you!

What kind of supporter are you?
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